I wanted my website to provide even better service by including information on Pet Insurance, because I think we have all been caught out by the unexpected visit to the vet following an injury or illness to your furry member of the family, haven’t we!

So I did some due diligence (or research if you want) and I found out some interesting and surprising facts!

I won’t bore you with the detailed extent by which I researched all the major players, but I will say that in doing so, I came upon a company that was new (to me, anyway).

The new kid on the block is an award-winning Australian company called Knose, established in 2017.  They are specialists in pet insurance and pet care plans.  You can check out reviews for Knose here…pretty impressive if you ask me!

They customise their pet care plans for both vets and pet owners.

Anyway, I proceeded to contact them for further information.  I found them very easy to talk to, they are good listeners and I could tell straight away that they are genuinely interested and care greatly about your pet.

So, I have decided to promote them on my website!

More good news is that they provided me with a promo code and if you use this promo code YOURTD5  any time you deal with them, you will get a discount and I will get a small commission!

If you decide to contact them, I would love to know how you find them…


Trevor John





    Great customer service and very quick turn around on feed back and on claims.
    Yes great policy, super easy to setup
    I have lodged claims and the resolution was within 10working days (longer if vet doesn’t provide information)

    Been with the company for coming up 6 months
    Jono P



    I did my research with pet insurance and for my breed of dog, Knose offered the best price and benefits. The online quick quote was easy and same with setting up the policy. I had to lodge a claim for my dog who encountered an ear infection that required some ongoing treatment over several weeks. Claiming through the online portal was simple, and I received continuous emails updating with with how the claim was progressing. I had to wait about four working days for the money to hit my account, each time. I have been with the company for 11 months now. The service is outstanding, the staff are caring and friendly too. I couldn’t have be happier. It’s not a nice feeling when your pet is unwell, but there’s a comfort in knowing that you’re not completely out of pocket when you need them taken care off. Thanks Knose!!



    Knose have provided great support both through a minor emergency and also with the fast compensation of the claim after the event. What I love best is the fact that they offer 24 hour vet service for advice. Great for new pet owners!

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