Nasal Strips – Better Breath – Opens Nasal Passages for Improved Air Flow – Help Stop Snoring So You Can Breathe Right – 200 Piece Pack – Large size 66mm x 19mm Price: $33.95 (as of 25/05/2020 05:27 PST- Details)

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You have – difficulty breathing through your nose due to nasal congestion, allergies, small nasal passages and more.

It negatively affects – your sleep quality, causing snoring, irritating your throat, your sporting activities and your overall lifestyle, leading to tiredness and irritability.

You need – Nasal Strips – Better Breath Nasal Strips to gently dilate your nasal passages so you will breathe right.

Immediate relief – When applied to your nose, your nasal strip will instantly offer up to a whopping 31 percent improved airflow through your nostrils.

Drug Free – A major benefit of Better Breath Nasal Strips is they are completely drug free, CE and RoHS approved.

Ready to apply – After removing your Better Breath Nasal Strip from its sealed packaging and the easy peel tabs, hold the strip sticky side to the nose horizontally, apply so the strip sits evenly over both nostrils. Massage your nasal strip over the nose so it adheres nicely, ensuring a good bond, helping you to breathe right.

Comfortable to wear – The material is a non woven cloth containing natural ingredients, dilating the nostrils. A special non toxic, non allergy inducing, non irritating adhesive holds the strip comfortably in place.

Comes in 2 sizes – Medium is 55mm long and 18mm wide. Large is 66mm long and 19mm wide. Just locate our appropriate listing for the size you require.

2 year money back guarantee – Buy our Better Breath Nasal Strips with full confidence. We offer you a 2 year, pro rata money back guarantee for the number of nasal strips returned, should the nasal strips not suit you.

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EASY TO APPLY – To ensure maximum adhesion, wash your nose with water and rub dry. Line up the middle of your nasal strip to the soft cartilage of the nose and apply the strip evenly over both nostrils. Your nasal strip needs to evenly adhere to the soft, flexible areas of each nostril for maximum adhesion. By holding your nasal strip firmly against the nostrils for several seconds and massaging it down over the washed and dried nose, the strip will adhere nicely
SIMPLE TO REMOVE – A special non-toxic, non-allergy inducing, non-irritating adhesive holds the nasal strip comfortably in place. After use, gently lift each end of the nasal strip upward & outward in a smooth motion until it’s clear of your nostrils
IMPROVES BREATHING CAPACITY – Use the Better Breath Nasal Strips to enhance breathing whilst sleeping to assist in reducing snoring and ensuring a great and restful night’s sleep. When playing sports, Better Breath Nasal Strips can enhance breathing performance
GENTLY RELIEVES NASAL CONGESTION – Caused by colds, allergies, rhinitis and small nasal passages. Twin flexible spring like parallel plastic bands are concealed in the strip gently lifting your nostrils upward and outward. This helps ease nasal congestion by improving nasal passage airflow by up to 31 percent so you can breathe right
2 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – When used correctly, Better Breath Nasal Strips will ease breathing difficulties and assist you to breathe right. We back our nasal strips with a 2 year pro rata money back guarantee