DOES YOUR DOG SUFFER FROM SEPARATION ANXIETY? A common complaint of pet parents is that their dogs are destructive when left alone.  Their dogs might urinate, defecate, bark, howl, chew, dig or try to escape. Another is from neighbours of dogs that howl or bark persistently only when the pet owners are away, such that […]

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Dog Car Trip

Taking Your Dog On A Car Trip

One of the greatest delights in owning a dog is taking them with you on a car trip.  To get the best enjoyment out of it while keeping everyone safe and organised, read on.  I highly recommend printing out the summary list at the end, and keep it handy for each trip. Get your dog […]

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Naughty Dog

Pet Cameras for Peace of Mind

Greater peace of mind! Were you aware that owning a pet camera can help you to have greater peace of mind while you’re away.  You can tap in and see how your pet is doing and relieve stress on your end as well as relieve anxiety on their end. We are conscious about securing our […]

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