Heartworms, Paralysis Ticks, Bush Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks, Fleas…

Is it any wonder that we worry about our 4-legged furry friends so much! The following report may be a little gruesome for some, but is something important to know if you own a dog, irrespective of whether it is a house dog or an avid adventurer. Heartworms       Adult heartworms look like strands of cooked spaghetti, with […]

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Ticks Love Dogs!

Here in Australia, we are just entering ‘Tick Season’. Ticks are ectoparasites that survive on the outside of animals.  They attach to your dog by burying their mouth parts into your dog’s skin. Some even use a glue to help them remain attached! Ticks are capable of causing many diseases in dogs, such as Lyme […]

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Canine Snake Avoidance Training Border Collie looking at large snake

Dog vs Snake – Not A Healthy Relationship!

Do you know if you live in an area rife with snakes nearby? You are strongly advised to check with the local Vet if you don't know. As the weather heats up towards the summer months and the days get longer there are a number of things that pet owners should be thinking about to [...]
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Obese Dog

Is Your Dog Obese? – How To Prevent And Remedy It

[Updated 8 October 2021] Many pet owners will find this photo very distressing.  I mean, how could this possibly happen? Like humans, if your dog is not given sufficient physical and, just as importantly, mental exercise, they can become overweight which can lead to obesity. This can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes […]

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Cool Dog

Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Hot Weather Is Not Good For Your Dog Let’s face it, not everyone looks forward to the heat of the Australian summer.  We need to keep our cool and we do so in many ways, using shade, drinking cold drinks, swimming in the sea, using parasols etc. Your dog is no different, and it is […]

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Arthritis Points

What To Do If Your Dog Has Arthritis

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis? I don’t think there’s a more pitiful sight as witnessing a dog that has arthritis. If you think your dog may have arthritis (see signs below) it is important that you have your pet professionally diagnosed as soon as possible. Arthritis is usually a result of ongoing wear and tear […]

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Overweight Dog

How to Put Your Dog on a Diet

Is your dog overweight? How to Tell if Your Dog Is Overweight Before you start a diet plan for your dog, you need to know if he’s really overweight. Try these simple do-it-yourself tests: Feel his backbone and ribs. If the spine and ribs are difficult to feel, the dog is overweight. Look at him […]

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Overgrown Toenails!

How and When You Should Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Why Do You Hate Trimming Your Dog’s Nails? “I’m afraid of hitting the quick and causing my dog pain!” “My dog hates it!” “My dog is too big for me to cut his nails by myself!” “It just causes too much stress for me and my dog.”   Consequences of Long Toenails Long dog nails […]

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