4L Smart Automatic Feeder Dogs Cat Food Rechargeable Video Monitor Automatic Pet Feeder WiFi Remote Control Pet Feeder Button Style

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A variety of styles: button models: can not be control led by mobile phone, only button;WIFI style: can be controlled by mobile phone, not video;Video style: can be controlled by mobile phone, can be video
Timed feeding, scientific health:You can set a multi-meal quantitative timed feeding, once a day to set a daily feeding, so that pets develop regular quantitative eating habits
Optimize the structure, not paying for food on time: Improve the slope of the food channel, increase the speed and strength of food sliding, solve the problem of 80% food consumption in the market
Visual grain bucket, fully enclosed:Visualize the grain barrels and observe the remaining amount in the barrel at any time to avoid the lack of pet food. The fully enclosed barrel body prevents the pet food from being deteriorated by moisture.
Dual power supply, power outage is also assured:Dual power supply, power failure automatically starts battery power,Only need three batteries.You can work normally,not afraid of pets go hungry



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